As a New Year rolls around I have decided I’m going to make some resolutions. Losing weight is something humans try to do all of the time. I am going to try, but I have to push my human to help. When I sit watching them eat, with the hope that the smallest scrap may fall on the floor, I need them to restrain from giving in to me. The smallest of scraps add up to extra weight I don’t need. I shouldn’t divulge this but we don’t know the difference between home cooking and a well balance food that is scientifically designed to be a complete diet for me. The extra chicken or turkey or leftovers from dinner don’t make my food any better. Over the years I have learned in the long run I am much better without the extras.

I am also going to try to not eat things I shouldn’t. This drives even the most seasoned dog owner crazy. I have tried to stop but the socks beg to be chewed on and once they are in my mouth I can’t stop myself. My owners try to keep them out of reach but I can usually find a lone sock that has fallen out of the basket. Once the sock is swallowed that is where the trouble begins. It gets “stuck”, and I need to spend a few days with my friends at Syosset Animal Hospital. Socks aren’t the only thing that can get us into trouble. Certain toys, treats,and other pieces of clothing are all things that can get “stuck”. I’m going to do my share, but I need my human to not tempt me by leaving things in plain sight.

As I try these things, I challenge all of my canine and feline lovers to help my friends with a resolution. Whether it be weight loss, staying away from things they shouldn’t eat, or improving dental hygiene, you play an intricate part in their well-being. If you have questions about where to start or need an idea for a resolution, call the staff at Syosset Animal Hospital. They are always willing to give ideas and be a support system.

Happy New Year. Keep us posted,
Red Dog